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Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Does Viking Strøm offer eFaktura?

Yes, we offer eFaktura! If you go for this, the bill will sent directly to your bank for approval. You are also able to add in an automatic payment for each month, if you have funds, in your bank account.

Your eFaktura-reference is your client number, 7 numbers.

Those that might have 5 numbers in their client number adds 00 in front of their number.

Those that might have 6 numbers in their client number adds 0 in front of their number.

Does Viking Strøm offer digital direct debit?

Yes, Digital direct debit is something you can set up in your internet bank account, or by contacting your bank.

The bill will then be sent directly to your internet bank account for automatic payment.

How do I change the address for my bill?

Contact our costumer service on phone: +47 47 13 12 12 or on e-mail: and we will set this up for you.

Am I able to postpone the due date for my bill?

If you by any chance find yourself in a position where you might have problems paying the bill in time, we are able to help. In single cases we can agree on postponing your due date, or a payment plan.

You are also able to postpone your bill a few days as long as you contact us before the due date. If you contact us after the due date of your bill we will normally not accept any further postponing.

I have not received/I have lost my bill, what do I do?

Contact our costumer service on phone: +47 47 13 12 12 or on e-mail: and we will send you a new copy.

What happens with my eFaktura and digital direct debit if I change my bank?

Nothing, your bill will automatically appear in your new bank.

What is the difference in eFaktura and digital direct debit?

Efaktura – Receive your bill digitally.

This way you don’t have to pay extra NOK 69,- for a bill through letter. You have to approve the bill for payment.

Digital direct debit – Your bill appears digitally in your bank and is approved up to a decided threshold so you do not have to worry about paying the bill.

Why is my bill more expensive then anticipated?

It can be several reasons for an unexpected large energy bill. Some factors you are able to affect, while others are affected by weather and the energy market. Here are some factors:

Larger energy prices:

The energy prices on the stockmarket (spotprice) and the usage varies with the seasons. Most people normally spend more of their usage during the winter months for heating. Because of the higher demand, the prices will normally be higher during winter, especially if the autumn has been cold and dry. At the same time, cold and dry weather throughout the year can affect the prices, not only during the winter.

2021 was a record year in terms of high prices at the stockmarket. August was the most expensive month of August throughout time, with 93,5 øre per kilowatt-hour as the monthly average in the eastern part of Norway. September followed with an average of 1,35 kroner per kilowatt, followed by October with 1,2 kroner per kilowatt and November with an average of 1,32 kroner per kilowatt. Some hours during November even costed more than 5 kroner per kilowatt. December topped the list though with an average of 2,21 kroner per kilowatt – with some hours costing more than 8 kroner.

The average for January through December 2021 in Eastern Norway is just over 105 øre - almost nine times higher than the average for the whole of 2020, which averages just over 12 øre per kilowatt hour. In comparison, the average price is expected to be around 50 øre during a 'normal' year in Eastern Norway.

Much of the explanation is that it has rained little, so there is less water in the water reservoirs of the power producers than normal. There has also been little wind, which has given little of the cheap wind power.

At the same time as the weather has affected the prices, Norway is connected to the energymarket in northern-Europe, where gas and coal play a major role in the energy production. If gas and coal is expensive, and the belonging CO2-quotes expensive as well will the prices in Europe become higher. This will in term affect the prices here in Norway as well.

Limitations in transmission capacity (how much electricity the network can carry from one area to another) also mean that the southernmost price areas in Norway (Oslo, Kristiansand and Bergen) have to a greater extent than the northern and cheaper price areas (Molde, Trondheim and Tromsø) have had a price of electricity that is closer to what it is in the countries around us.

On My page and in our app you can see what the electricity price is today, and what it will be tomorrow - hour by hour. If you have a spot price agreement, you can thus save money by moving some of your electricity consumption over to hours of the day where the price is lower.

If you want to read more about why the prices are as they are, visit the stockmarket website Nord Pool.

Higher usage

It is normal to count electrical heating and warm water as 70 percent of the total usage. The energy usage will therefore, normally, become higher during colder months compared to warmer months.

The usage is also determined by if one has bought new items which use more electricity, e.g. an electric car, heated floor etc. Families with kids usually spend more energy on warm water and using their washing machine more.

Changed deal

We will always tell our costumers if there are changes in their price- or terms in their contract with us.

Another reason?

If you believe there is something wrong with the price on your bill, please contact our costumer support so we can solve the issue together.

How do I avoid a bill through letter?

You have two options: eFaktura or bill sent to your e-mail. If you choose one of these services you also avoid the letterfee of NOK 69,-

I am not satisfied, what can I do?

If there is something you are not satisfied with, please contact us. Call us on +47 47 13 12 12 or send us an e-mail: , and we will do everything we can to solve it together with you.

Do you want to change your deal?

If you are already a costumer with us, and you want to change from one of our great plans to another, there are two ways to do this:

Log into My page on our website or app (under construction). Under deals, you can click on “Change deal” and easily change to whichever deal you would like. Or contact our costumer support: +47 47 13 12 12 or e-mail:

Are you moving?

You can bring your energy deal over to a new address, wherever you move in Norway.

Oficially you will have to cancel your current plan at your current address and order a new deal at the new one, We will help you with all of the paperwork and make it easy for you. Just contact our costumer support with the information on where you are moving from and to.

Just contact our costumer support with the information on where you are moving from and to. If you are cancelling your deal at your current address, be adviced, that we recommend contacting us minimum three days before you move out. This is to make sure you don’t pay for any extra days at your old address.

You want to cancel?

First of all: most people don’t need to cancel their energy deal.

If you would like to change to another provider, the new provider will cancel the deal automatically for you before the new deal starts up.

Please, feel free to contact us if you are unsure of which deal is most beneficial for you and your pattern of usage.

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